Start Business

Entrepreneurial aspirations among youngsters are rising along with the growing middle class in India. Technology has opened up numerous business opportunities and made starting and managing a business easier. Therefore, it is more rewarding than any other time to start a business in India. Before beginning to invest time and money into the new business, it is important to consult an Advisor with experience in helping startups. The Advisor can then understand your business plan and advise you on the choice of a legal entity, licenses, funding, taxation and compliance. ”Bhopal Filing” specialises in providing Startup Advisory support. We can help answer various questions you may have concerning the legal formalities, business licenses, funding, income tax, GST and labour law compliance.

Once you have selected the right Advisor, the next step would be to register the business. It is essential to register the business before purchasing or investing, as the investments can be accounted for under the entity.

Today, an Entrepreneur has various choices for legal entity ranging from proprietorship firms to limited companies. For most Entrepreneurs who wish to build a professional business with long-term value creation - an LLP or private limited company would be the right choice. On the other hand, if an Entrepreneur wishes to start a small business with a limited scope of operation - a proprietorship firm or partnership firm would suffice.